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Fargo Senior Photographer Kris Kandel | Alyssa Downtown Fall Session

A few weeks ago Alyssa met me downtown for her senior photos! She loves the autumn colors, golds, reds and deep greens. We had a lot of fun wandering around finding cools spots and lots of beautiful corners!

I actually met Alyssa years ago at a wedding when she was a Jr bridesmaid! How fun is that?!

And then randomly I ran into her at a wedding reception three days after her senior portrait session! So funny to see each other twice in one week at two different photo shoots.

Thanks for a fun senior photo session Alyssa, I hope you love your pictures!!

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Fargo Senior Photographers Kris Kandel | Moriah

 Last week Moriah’s senior session rained out but our 2nd date was absolutely perfect!! You may feel like you’ve seen her face before, well almost. I photographed Moriah’s sister Ashley last summer! I just love it when I get to know families and reconnect with past clients who come along. 🙂

Aren’t the colors here gorgeous?!

Love the little bit of wind in the hair. Really dramatic lighting and just plain fun!

Outfit change!

Two of my favorite photos:

Laughter is the best!!

One final outfit and we went to the park for some nature photos. The lighting (and subject) was absolutely gorgeous this evening!!

Thank you so much for asking me to be your senior photographer Moriah!! I had a blast working with you and hope you enjoyed it as well!! I’ll be sending you the link to download all the photos later this week. : )

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Fargo Senior Photos by Photographer Kris Kandel


Another Senior photo session – and this one happens to be a face some of you may recognize because she’s been helping me out at weddings this year as my 2nd photographer. My sister! We really only had about 10 minutes for this session between her school and my crazy schedule, but we sure got some great shots! : )

Love how so many of these turned out for a quick senior shoot!

Note * Fargo area seniors still looking for photos, contact me soon! The fall colors are probably only going to be around another week or two!

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Fargo Senior Photos | Quinn | Kris Kandel Photographer


My sister and Quinn go to the same dance school so when she asked me to do her Senior photos I knew there would be some ballet involved! So much fun!

Quinn’s best friend came along to help out, so of course we had to get a few BFF photos – nothing quite as special as high school friendships!

Quinn you are so easy to photograph! Such stunning looks and gorgeous laughter!!

The sun hit this spot just perfectly when we walked over, such golden glory!

I think the next three are my favorites from the whole shoot, one word: Wow.

By the time we got to this place the sun had pretty much set so I grabbed my off camera flashes for the last few shots. Kind of fun to be challenged to try something different! Quinn rocked it!

I noticed this green willowy patch in the ditch, so I put my flash in the middle to light up the greenery and another flash in front to light up Quinn. So much fun to do a bit of dramatic lighting. When I showed Quinn the back of the camera she got super excited! I love to spread the thrill of camera magic. : )

Thanks for a super fun Senior Session Quinn!! Hope you love you photos!

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