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Fargo Senior Photographer Kris Kandel | Alyssa Downtown Fall Session

A few weeks ago Alyssa met me downtown for her senior photos! She loves the autumn colors, golds, reds and deep greens. We had a lot of fun wandering around finding cools spots and lots of beautiful corners!

I actually met Alyssa years ago at a wedding when she was a Jr bridesmaid! How fun is that?!

And then randomly I ran into her at a wedding reception three days after her senior portrait session! So funny to see each other twice in one week at two different photo shoots.

Thanks for a fun senior photo session Alyssa, I hope you love your pictures!!

Kris Kandel | Fargo Senior Photographer

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Fargo Senior Photographer Kris Kandel | Sebastian

Last week’s weather was PERFECT for fall senior photos! I was so happy to meet Sebastian and hear about his passion for online professional gaming and we geeked out over all the cool jobs that the internet has opened up! Sebastian insisted on no-smiling photos, his choice, but I gotta say he pulled off the no-smile epic face perfectly.

Thanks so much for asking me to be your senior photographer, all the best with your gaming and I hope you get your sponsor contract finalized!!

Kris Kandel // Fargo Senior Photographer

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Fargo Senior Photographers Kris Kandel | Moriah

 Last week Moriah’s senior session rained out but our 2nd date was absolutely perfect!! You may feel like you’ve seen her face before, well almost. I photographed Moriah’s sister Ashley last summer! I just love it when I get to know families and reconnect with past clients who come along. 🙂

Aren’t the colors here gorgeous?!

Love the little bit of wind in the hair. Really dramatic lighting and just plain fun!

Outfit change!

Two of my favorite photos:

Laughter is the best!!

One final outfit and we went to the park for some nature photos. The lighting (and subject) was absolutely gorgeous this evening!!

Thank you so much for asking me to be your senior photographer Moriah!! I had a blast working with you and hope you enjoyed it as well!! I’ll be sending you the link to download all the photos later this week. : )

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Kris Kandel Fargo Photographer Contest Results

The results are in for the contest!! I didn’t actually place in a winning position but I’m REALLY surprised at how many of my photos ended up being in the top 30% of all the images entered, so I’m very pleased!  There were about a quarter of a MILLION images entered into the contest. Yes, that’s right. 250,000ish photos!! Whew.  If I can consider myself to be in the top 30% of photographers world wide … that’s huge (and I must admit I don’t feel like I’m that good… yet). 😉

So here’s the breakdown of how my images placed:

My highest placing image placed in the top 100 images in the category:

(they don’t tell you the exact number placement until you reach the top 20 images, so I don’t know the exact number, just top 100).

There were 6,514 images in the ring shot category so that’s pretty good!

This image came from Jordan & Aaron’s engagement session. 

This second ring shot reached the Finalist round!

The image comes from Kelly & Bryan’s Thumper Pond Wedding last year. 

These shoes reached the top 10% in the detail category.

These gorgeous blinged out shoes come from Carly & Randy’s winter wedding last year!

The bride & groom category was the stiffest competition with over 26,589 images entered!! This shot made it to the top 20%:

This awesome architectural shot featured the UND alumni center wedding I photographed in Grand Forks last year. 

Wedding party category made top 30%:

Featuring Cassie & Tyler’s wedding party!

Senior Category  made top 30%:

Maddie’s gorgeous senior portrait session was too much fun, I’m so glad it placed well!

Pets reached top 30%:
There you have it. Overall I’m really happy with how everything turned out. Sure it would have been fun to win prizes in the top 20 images, but I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far, so that’s a win in my books. 😀

To see all the winning images and spend too much time with some serious eye candy check out the contest winners here:

Shoot & Share Contest 2016

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Fargo Senior Photos | Rachana | Kris Kandel Photographer

 Rachana & I had an awesome time together at her senior portrait session!! The weather was perfect, the fall colors were gorgeous, and Rachana was fabulous to work with!!


I love how you could pull of both the serious and the laughter effortlessly!

Thanks for asking me to be your senior photographer!! I had a great time and hope you enjoyed these teasers! I’ll have your link to download all your photos ready for you next week!

Congratulations to you and the class of 2016!!

Kris Kandel | Fargo Senior Photographer


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Fargo Senior Photographers | Maddie | Kris Kandel Photographer

 I’m so lucky to not only photograph this lovely senior, but call her my friend too! 😀 Maddie danced with my sister, so I’ve known her for years!

She’s is an amazing dancer so of course we had to do some fun ballet photos for her senior pictures!!

So fun!!

You’ve got the best laugh Maddie!!

That hair though. Wow!

Simply stunning in both contemplative and laughing mode. : )

I really liked this little rose garden! So pretty!!!

Congratulations on Senior Year Maddie!! Wishing you all the success in the world! Thanks for asking me to do your photos, I hope you had as much fun as I did!

I’ll be putting together you link to download all the photos in a few days. Until then I hope you enjoyed these teasers!

Kris Kandel | Fargo Moorhead Senior Photographer


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