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Fargo Pet Photographer Kris Kandel | Dogs & Cat’s Natural Backyard Portraits

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I’m a crazy dog lady! I love my Bokeh! We got to a dog club once a week. First we went through obedience, then the Canine Good Citizen program, and now we are working our way through the performance skills (tricks)! Well in many of our classes I would chat with Nikki while her dog Zucci (the all black one below) became one of Bokeh’s best friends, so we had them over to play in our yard. As we chatted about what I do as a photographer Nikki got excited and asked me if I would come to her home to photographer all her pets!! Of course I said yes right away. 😀

So I headed over to West Fargo and met her crew. It was the best! Any day that I can roll around the grass, get slobbered on, throw tennis balls AND get to photograph new furry friends is the BEST.

Cuteness overload coming in 3.2.1…

We even managed to get one with all 4 dogs!!

And then the cats came out for just a minute.

If you have pets that you want portraits of please shoot me a note, I’d love to meet them and catch their personalities in forever photos!!

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Engagement & Pet session | Libby & Josh | Kris Kandel Photography

Libby & Josh’s engagement session started out including their two bulldogs! How adorable are they all?!

I really love the photo of the two dogs with the leash tangled up, it reminds me of 101 Dalmations matchmaking their humans. 🙂


One of the things I really love about Libby & Josh is how easily they laugh together. The joy these two have is something magical.

A quick outfit change and we headed downtown for the classic “Fargo theater” background.


I love walking around downtown Fargo and using spaces that I’ve never noticed before. Architecture and lines, alleys and interesting reflections. There’s always something new to discover!

I seriously can’t wait for their wedding, there two are just too much fun to photograph!

Kris Kandel – Fargo Senior, Wedding, Engagement and Real Estate photographer

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Family and Pet Photography by Kris Kandel | Keri & JJ | Fargo photographers

Do you remember Keri & JJ from their engagement session last fall? Well this fall I got to meet the rest of their family! I absolutely love working with people again, reconnecting and getting to see and hear how their lives have changed and grown since the last time we met!

What a good looking family!

Jessi the pup was so excited that she couldn’t contain herself, so we had a belly rubbing moment to help her settle and relax. Gotta love how happy she was!!

Beautiful family!

 Thanks so much for asking me to take your family photos this year Keri & JJ! It was awesome meeting the kids and Jessi, lets do it again next year. 😀

I hope you enjoyed these teasers, I’ll be sending you the link to download all the photo soon!


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Anniversary Photos by Kris Kandel Fargo Photographer | Jordan & Aaron

It’s a little bit early for their anniversary session since they were married last December, but we all agreed the fall colors were too good to pass up!

They had to include Truffles in their photos of course. This little 7 lbs of fluff was so photogenic, she kept looking at the camera perfectly!!

I love the last one in the series below, it reminds me of the scene in 101 Datamations where the dogs wrap up their humans, lol!

Happy Anniversary you two!! Always fun to reconnect and also meet your little Truffles! 😀

See Jordan & Aaron’s:

Mini Winter session Engagement session  | Winter Wedding


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Kris Kandel Fargo Photographer Contest Results

The results are in for the contest!! I didn’t actually place in a winning position but I’m REALLY surprised at how many of my photos ended up being in the top 30% of all the images entered, so I’m very pleased!  There were about a quarter of a MILLION images entered into the contest. Yes, that’s right. 250,000ish photos!! Whew.  If I can consider myself to be in the top 30% of photographers world wide … that’s huge (and I must admit I don’t feel like I’m that good… yet). 😉

So here’s the breakdown of how my images placed:

My highest placing image placed in the top 100 images in the category:

(they don’t tell you the exact number placement until you reach the top 20 images, so I don’t know the exact number, just top 100).

There were 6,514 images in the ring shot category so that’s pretty good!

This image came from Jordan & Aaron’s engagement session. 

This second ring shot reached the Finalist round!

The image comes from Kelly & Bryan’s Thumper Pond Wedding last year. 

These shoes reached the top 10% in the detail category.

These gorgeous blinged out shoes come from Carly & Randy’s winter wedding last year!

The bride & groom category was the stiffest competition with over 26,589 images entered!! This shot made it to the top 20%:

This awesome architectural shot featured the UND alumni center wedding I photographed in Grand Forks last year. 

Wedding party category made top 30%:

Featuring Cassie & Tyler’s wedding party!

Senior Category  made top 30%:

Maddie’s gorgeous senior portrait session was too much fun, I’m so glad it placed well!

Pets reached top 30%:
There you have it. Overall I’m really happy with how everything turned out. Sure it would have been fun to win prizes in the top 20 images, but I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far, so that’s a win in my books. 😀

To see all the winning images and spend too much time with some serious eye candy check out the contest winners here:

Shoot & Share Contest 2016

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