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Triumph West Fargo Wedding | Sasha & Nathan | Kris Kandel Photographer

 I’ve been excited about Sasha & Nathan’s wedding day since we did their engagement session this spring! They were so much fun to work with! Such gentle and joyful spirits that radiate love. What more could a photographer ask for?!!

 I arrived at Triumph Lutheran West Fargo campus just in time to get into the dress!

Brides take note, if your dress has tons of buttons be sure to bring a crochet hook to help loop the elastic. So much easier!

I loved all the smiles and laughter going on in the bride’s room with her mom & sister!

Sasha & Nathan exchanged letters, and they each picked out a scent for each other. What a fun idea! Now every time they use their perfume or cologne they’ll be taken back to their wedding day!

The first look was one of the sweetest I’ve seen. Tears and huge grins. *melts*

The week of the wedding we got a huge wind storm so a few days before the wedding I went scouting around town for a few hours to find a park that has a few leaves still on the trees. I was able to find one and boy did we luck out on perfection! I’m seriously in love with SOOO many of these photos!! Just look at those smiles!!

Gah. Seriously guys stop, I can’t handle this!

I love the contrasting looks that I got and my 2nd photographer (thanks sis!) got from her angle.

Then we walked down to a path through the trees. Isn’t this spot amazing! So dramatic and romantic at the same time!

So gorgeous!

And Nathan looking dapper!

One of my favorites:

We had a few extra minutes before the wedding party joined us, so I turned to my sister and said, “I’ve got this idea…”  so with a little help from the maid of honor and best man and my sister throwing leaves around we got a pretty magical result!

Thanks for trusting me on this! 😀

Wedding party time!!

After we did family photos back at the church everyone took a break and I did some details.

Then just as the sun was setting it was time for the ceremony!

Congratulations MR  MRS!!!

And just a little bit of time at the Avalon West reception!! Just enough time to get some details and then as people went through the buffet my time was up so I  headed back to my office to back everything up. What an amazing day!!!

Thank you Sasha & Nathan for inviting me to be part of your special day! It was truly magical. I’ll be getting you your link to download all your photos sent over early next week. Until then feel free to share this blog post with friends and family so they can see my personal favorites from the day. 🙂


Wedding Dress: LeeAnne’s Bridal – Fargo

Wedding Flowers: Hornbachers – Fargo

Wedding Cake: Kay Jastram – Moorhead

DJ: Powerplay DJ – Fargo

Catering and Reception Venue: Avalon West – Fargo

Suits: Halberstadts – Fargo

Wedding Hair style: Hair Success – Stacie – Fargo

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Fargo Wedding Photography: me! Kris Kandel Fargo Wedding Photographers

Fargo Wedding Photography


Fargo Senior Photographers | Maddie | Kris Kandel Photographer

 I’m so lucky to not only photograph this lovely senior, but call her my friend too! 😀 Maddie danced with my sister, so I’ve known her for years!

She’s is an amazing dancer so of course we had to do some fun ballet photos for her senior pictures!!

So fun!!

You’ve got the best laugh Maddie!!

That hair though. Wow!

Simply stunning in both contemplative and laughing mode. : )

I really liked this little rose garden! So pretty!!!

Congratulations on Senior Year Maddie!! Wishing you all the success in the world! Thanks for asking me to do your photos, I hope you had as much fun as I did!

I’ll be putting together you link to download all the photos in a few days. Until then I hope you enjoyed these teasers!

Kris Kandel | Fargo Moorhead Senior Photographer


Fargo Wedding Photography

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Fargo Air Museum Wedding | Shelby & Ben | Kris Kandel Photographers

 Shelby & Ben’s wedding day was soooo full of joy! I don’t think the bride or groom quit smiling all day!

I arrived at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in North Fargo for the last of the getting ready. Isn’t her dress lovely!! One of her friends had sewn on the lacy top because of an emergency (sunburn) just that week. And it turned out perfect!

Shelby was SO excited while getting ready. She was laughing and I’m pretty sure she jumped up and down a few times. 😀  She couldn’t WAIT to be married to her best friend! I love that!

We found a place in the sanctuary to do a letter exchange where the wouldn’t see each other . Ben was pretty excited that he made Shelby cry. Score!

First look time!

We were on a bit of a tighter timeline so instead of going to a park we stepped outside the church for a few photos in the courtyard. It was gorgeous!!

Ben can make Shelby laugh without even trying. It’s so fantastic!

Oh man, you guys are so photogenic and awesome together. I’ve been smiling the whole time I’ve been editing your photos!!

Then we went inside for a few formals and family photos. I won’t post many here on the blog but here’s a little peek:

After family photos I had about 20 minutes to do the details before the ceremony started!

Ceremony time! Isn’t Ben’s excited reaction just perfect!

The best man (Dad to the groom) having a moment with his grandson (the ring bearer) during the ceremony. So cute!!

Spot the photographer:

So many big smiles (and a few happy tears)!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs!!!

Then we took the wedding party to a park for some more fun photos! The ring bearer was having lots of fun running around playing in between, isn’t his bow tie adorable?!

Ben loves sports! So he requested a few football inspired images. Guys huddle up! I’m pretty sure the play was blue 55.

Time for the girls to have a little fun too!

We walked a little farther into the park for a few more portraits. Here are all the flowergirls and the ring bearer. I’m afraid by this point they were all a bit over tired and hot. But still SOOOO cute!

One really special event for the day was the groom’s parents were also celebrating their wedding anniversary! So we took a photo of the two couples who now share an anniversary date! So neat!

While the wedding party & kids headed back to the party bus to cool off we took a few more minutes with just the bride & groom!

We stopped by the train depot for a few more portraits on the way to the reception. I love the vibe of this spot!

Isn’t the architecture gorgeous?! And I particularly like the photo my 2nd photographer (thanks sis) got with the trolley behind the groom. : )

The wedding reception & dance were held at the Fargo Air Museum. I LOVE photographing weddings there! The colors and vintage vibe. It’s got a great atmosphere for a fun event!

I had fun going up to the loft for some overview photos. The model airplanes up there looked really cool with the room full of guests behind!

All the married couples kiss and I just happened to be in the right spot to get both sets of parents and the newlyweds! Love it when things work out just perfect!

Toasts are always a highlight!

One of the fun things about the air museum is they open up the hanger doors and have ‘lawn’ games for guests!

First dance!

I enjoyed playing with my camera settings to get a few silhouettes with the planes in the background.  Gaaah, the air museum is FUN!

The bride’s dance with her dad was really emotional. Tears all over the room.

And the groom’s dance with his mom was full of laughs!

Let’s get this party going!


Thanks for inviting me to be part of your special day Shelby & Ben! I had a blast working with you!! I hope you had a fantastic day too, it sure looked like it. 😀 I’ll be putting together the link to download all the photos for you soon, but in the mean-time I hope you enjoyed these teasers of my personal favorites. Feel free to share the link with friends and family!


 Wedding Dress: Leeann’s Bridal – Fargo

Flowers:  Silk flowers put together by the Bride

Tux: Halberstadts – Fargo

DJ:  Jeff Benda – Fargo

Catering: NDSU Carnivore Catering – Fargo

Cake: Lori Nelson

Cupcakes: Cindy Stene

Bar: Buffalo Wild Wings – Fargo

Wedding venue: Fargo Air Museum – Fargo

Photography: Me! Kris Kandel – Fargo wedding & Senior Photographer – check out my facebook page too.


Fargo Wedding Photography


Fargo Wedding Photography | Jayme & Amanda | Kris Kandel Photographer | Hilton Garden Inn

It’s been almost a year since Amanda & Jayme’s engagement session, so I was pretty excited to work with them again on their big wedding day!! I started out at Amanda’s house where she got dressed. Isn’t her gown from Alan Evan’s Bridal gorgeous! Loved the belt detail that she added as well.

Amanda’s dad passed away a few years ago, but she kept one of his blue shirts, made a little heart out of it and wore it inside her wedding dress. How sweet is that!

Even their cute pup couldn’t keep his eyes off her!

Then we headed over to Lyndenwood Park for the first look and portraits!

Then we walked down the path to another spot where my 2nd photographer (thanks sis!) got some really cool photos through the trees while I did more straight on photos. I love having the two views!!

Then we headed out of the heat and back to the church where I did some detail photos before the ceremony.

Ceremony time!

The priest forgot to tell the couple to kiss so they stood up front for a few moments laughing and then the groom just went for it. It was pretty fun!

A little bit of downtown fun!

And then I headed over to the Hilton Garden Inn do get photos of the tables and details while the couple enjoyed their drinks. The centerpieces were so lovely! One of the special details was the logs each centerpiece was set on were logs that the bride’s dad had cut for their fireplace, the family had saved them and cut them into smaller rounds to be included in the wedding details. A very special way for dad to still be involved.

There were two little cardinals hiding behind the cake for the bride and groom, nodding to the groom’s high school mascot. So fun to see their reactions to those little birds!!

The toasts were quite emotional. Lots of laughs. Tears. More Cardinals. And the sweetest lullaby sung by the bride’s mom and aunt.

Congratulations Amanda & Jayme!! Thank you for inviting me to be part of your wedding day! I’ll be putting together your final edits and get the link emailed to you soon. 🙂

::::::::: VENDORS ::::::::::

Wedding Dress: Alan Evans Bridal – Moorhead (218) 236-8543

Bridesmaids Dresses: Alan Evans Bridal – Moorhead  (218) 236-8543

Tux: Tip Top Tux – Fargo (701) 282-6248

DJ: Powerplay DJ – Fargo (701) 235-3211

Wedding Reception Venue and Catering: Hilton Garden Inn – Fargo (701) 499-6000

Wedding Flowers: Heather Ann’s Floral  – Whapeton (701) 642-3470

Wedding cupcakes: Libby’s Cupcakes –  Moorhead

Wedding Photography: Me! Kris Kandel – Fargo wedding, engagement & Senior photographer. Check out my Facebook page too.

Fargo Wedding Photography

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Summer Vacation | New York City | Kris Kandel

For those wondering why my Facebook page has been unusually quiet the last 10 days during my busy mid summer season – well I was on a family vacation to New York City!! It’s been on my bucket list for a while to go there so I was sooooo excited when my parents asked me if I had any free weeks in July this year!! I’ll try to keep this blog to a general overview of the trip, and blog more specifically on my personal blog later when I have more time (time – hahaha what a joke right now!). But I did have a hard time keeping it short, lol!

We left last last Tuesday morning – getting up before 5am to get to the airport on time. I absolutely love flying, always have. It’s actually one of the inspirations in my logo – that love of flight and travel, adventure and exploring the world.

We arrived late that evening to a thunderstorm and downpour (what is it with downpours and travel this year? Remember my  California workshop?!) But the next day we were able to explore our neighborhood a bit more. We stayed in Brooklyn since it was cheaper than Manhattan, and rented a little brownstone apartment which included a kitchen and laundry which was awesome! About a 6 block walk to the subway it was a great location for getting around the city easily.

One afternoon we walked around and discovered that the neighborhood was part of the Bushwick Art Collective – in other words a street art museum!! It was SOOOOOO cool!! We took lots of photos because we needed some new family pics for our walls. What better place that this to play with a camera?!

The photo below with dad “photobombing” Anni was so fun!

The art itself was so varied, I loved to see the differences between each artist.

Friday was one of my favorite days! We took the subway downtown to  Bryant Park and the New York Library.

The Chrysler building is actually another building that had an influence in my logo – the art deco vibes – and a famous image taken on that building was one of the first photos that sparked my interest in photography in general! You can read more about my logo story here. 😉

We ended up at the Broadway Theater District … because we got tickets to see the Newsies!!!!

I grew up watching the Newsies on VHS until it was almost worn out. We also had the CD which we listened to over and over, probably like modern kids are listening to Frozen, lol! I’m actually listening to the soundtrack right NOW on spotify while writing this blog! So it’s always been a favorite.

Three years ago we were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, which always features a couple of Broadway show sneak peeks before the parade arrives, and all of a sudden there was an announcement,  “Stay tuned to see the newest Broadway sensation: The Newsies” –  I remember being so excited  I yelled to my siblings to come quick, we watched the one song performance, going  giddy over how amazing the dancing was! I turned to my sister and said, “Someday we will see that in person!!! It’s going on the bucket list!”

To steal my sister’s phrase: “Three years ago we said someday, and someday was today.”

It did NOT disappoint! SOOOOOO good!! The set design was fabulous! We sat in the balcony and because of the stage use of these three story tall steel moving sets we actually were often looking eye to eye with the actors. The dancing and music was phenomenal! I know enough about dance to appreciate how hard these guys were working, and making it look easy! Wow. Anyway if you want a sneak peak you can see the Broadway show trailer here:

It was such a good thing we decided to go this summer because the show is closing and going on tour so who knows when it will be back on Broadway. But if you get a chance to see it – GO!

After the Newsies we walked a few blocks to Time Square before heading home. It was so bright from all the lights it felt like daylight – until you looked up to the black sky! Weird.

The next day we went back to Manhatten to walk the Highline, a brand new park. They took a raised Railway line and converted it into a 2 mile long park that is 2 stories above the streetline. It’s gorgeous!! Lovely views of the city, lots of greenery and space to just watch the city flow around you.

Evidently New Yorker’s stack their cars. All I can think of is how in the world do they get them down?!!

So if you are planning a trip to NYC definitely put the Highline on your list. It was another favorite of mine!!

Another day we took the Staten Island Ferry across the harbor. The views were lovely, we passed right by the Statue of Liberty, and enjoyed the fresh breezes.

Dad said the ferry was his favorite. 🙂  If you look at the photo of Anni above right you’ll see all the life vests on the ceiling. Interesting.

Then back to Manhattan where we walked towards the Brooklyn bridge, had a NYC hot dog, Bought a scarf from a street vendor, and in general loved absorbing the vibe of the city!

Walking across teh Brooklyn Bridge was crazy!! Soooooo many people, it was like being in a river of people, you just had to keep walking or get run over!

Once we crossed the bridge we  walked down to the river to watch the lights come on in the city.

My sister kind of fell in love with NYC.

Our last full day we walked through Soho, Chelsea, and little Italy.

Time to go home. Sad face. These last few photos were taken on the front steps of the building we stayed at – while waiting for the cab to take us to the airport.

All in all it was a fabulous trip! Exhausting, my feet are soooo sore, but stimulating and fascinating to see so much! A photographers dream. I feel so blessed to be able to travel and go with my family to so many interesting places. Now it’s time to get my head back in the game for work and wedding season, fall is always the busiest season so I’m ramping up!

Have you been to NYC? Or do you want to go? Tell me your favorite parts of the city!

Fargo Wedding Photography

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Fargo Wedding Photography | United Offbeat Wedding shoot | Kris Kandel Photographer

A few weeks ago I went to a photography conference in California called UNITED (see my full blog post coverage of the event here). During the conference I had the oportunity to join two photoshoots that were put on by volunteers. This one is the “Offbeat bride”  shoot featuring the lovely Mycah and Bobby Burns who are wedding videographers in the industry. Aren’t they so cute?! Thanks for being brave and modeling for us all. 🙂

I loved the vintage knee length wedding dress that Mycah wore! I think dresses like this are so flattering, romantic and let the bride be comfortable. Sometimes long, heavy, strapless dresses can be hard to wear all day, or give the bride a back ache with the weight. A dress like this is perfect for looking adorable yet still being able to move, sit, dance and be yourself! Plus it lets you really show off your shoes. Aren’t her boots gorgeous? Seriously wanting a pair of my own!

Such a lovely laugh Mycah!

Just a quick behind the scenes look. Yes there were a LOT of photographers. People passing by kept giving us funny looks. I think they were wondering if Bobby and Mycah were celebrities! 😉

I loved her fishtail braid too! Who says you need to have a super complicated, curled,  updo to look fantastic for a wedding?!

So yes, it was fantastic being able to photograph such a cute couple and highlight a few offbeat fashion ideas for brides. I love it! I think it would be fun to bring some of these sunny romantic vibes back to Fargo.

If you are planning your own wedding would you ever consider doing something non-traditional like this? Why or why not? I’d love to know!

Kris Kandel | Fargo Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer | Facebook 


Shoot Organizer: Carrie Swails –

Mycah and Bobby Burns –



Fargo Wedding Photography


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F a c e b o o k